Vintage Trailer Rescue; Mission Statement

Welcome to Vintage Trailer Rescue
Our mission at Vintage Trailer Rescue is the preservation of a part of history, that of the vintage travel trailers, which orignated back in the 1920’s. At Vintage Trailer Rescue we make every effort to keep these old gems who quite often have seen their better days from making the trip to the scrap yard, never to be heard from again.
For those of you who enjoy the memories from your childhood traveling carefree down the open road with a trailer in tow, we may have a trailer for you. Whether you plan on restoring the trailer yourself or will seek help, Vintage Trailer Rescue would like to assist you in finding the trailer that best suits you. If you are looking for a particular trailer that we do not presently have, then we will use every resource to find it.
Please feel free to contact us so that we can show you our “treasures.”